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Frank Baitong Hotel.jpg

Frank Guglielmo | Baitong Hotel and Resort Phnom Penh

If you need sharp branding and marketing strategy, then I can highly recommend Barbara. She understands our brand, knows exactly who our customers are and what they want. She tries to improve the customer experience from all aspects – the content of our newsletters and confirmation emails, the look of the lobby, food options for breakfast, the tagline and all text on our website, how to promote our hotel and come up with new and efficient strategies to improve the bottom line. She really forms part of our team; her fun and dynamic personality makes it a pleasure to work with her. She is creative and produces effective videos and ad visuals, and at the same time is very data driven to make the most of every USD we spent on Facebook ads. Her focus and attention to detail is commendable. Barbara has worked with us for a few months now, and will continue to do so.

Kaz Hendersen.jpg

Kaz Henderson | Networx PR

Working with Barbara is always a joy. Not only is she a consummate professional in her field but her creativity, enthusiasm and energy are catching/inspiring and lead to excellent results all round.


Nadine Pieterse | East-West International School

Barbara is insightful, informative and FUN all at the same time! She definitely DELIVERS on new, fresh perspective and creates an environment that encourages some thought-provoking ideas. She has helped me re-think and re-imagine branding for our international school. Would love to work with Barbara in the near future - both professionally and on my personal brand.


Louis Fourie | Proklaim Investigations

Barbara is a very talented creator that is best observed from a distance, as she works at a blindingly fast and involved pace. If poetry in motion really came close to a good description for Barbara's way of working - i would have used it here, but she's far more than that. She is not only a very talented creator, business owner and self-made success, but she also inspires everyone she meets, and will impart her knowledge on any one that just shows a little interest. 

Ben Farmhouse.jpg

Benjamin Lehmann | Farmhouse Smiling Gecko

I am working with Barbara (Wildcards) since I started at the Farmhouse Smiling Gecko - Sustainable Boutique Resort.
It is very rewarding working with her, personally and for our resort. The impact of her work on our business has been significant by evidence.
I very appreciate her high level of identification with our company as this kind of empathy is indispensable for a good work and good results.
It is a pleasure working with Barbara and I am more than confident that she will continue to have an important role in the successful story of our resort.
Thank you Barbara.

Roshan Style Africa.jpg

Roshan Isaacs | Style Africa Fashion Network

Barbara's vibrant personality is reflected in everything she sets her mind to. Her abilities are enormous, allowing her to fulfill even the most challenging projects. I've had the honour of working alongside her, learning from her, and watched her take brands into new heights. If you're looking for someone with super human abilities, then Barbara is your hero! 


Iris Flückiger | Hotel manager

Barbara was a great support in the further development of our hotel brand. With her help, we have developed a comprehensive marketing concept with a focus on social media. We were not only able to gain significantly more followers, but also expand and improve our and our teams personal expertise. Barbara is a marketing specialist who is constantly keeping herself up to date. Her passion for her work is palpable and is reflected in the success of her customers.


Lele Wessie-Mehlomakulu | mPower People Solutions

Barbra is the most creative person I have ever met, and I know creative people...She manages to surpass all my expectations at every turn, with very little effort because she's so talented. Simply world class. And you could never find better quality. 

profile pic_edited.jpg

Kate O'Connell | Educational Leader, Coach, Speaker

I have been extremely fortunate to work closely with Barbara Kasasa. When I was introduced to her, I liked her immediately. She is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and effective with her clients time. She is results-driven, but also has a personal touch that makes meetings with her both informative and enjoyable, which can be rare for Marketing meetings! :-) I used Barbara's services to work on my personal branding to help me make a bigger impact in the field of education. She created my website, Facebook page, Youtube channel, letterhead, email signature and branded presentations. You can check out her amazing work on my website Amazingly, I have already reached the goals that we set in only about 2 months time. So three packages later, I am still using her services and her vision in order to dream even bigger. She is someone who truly can pull out the best of your business and distil it for your clientele in an esthetic way. I have confidently recommended Barbara to my network including contacts in the hotel and fashion industries. These recommendations have been well received and my contacts have been amazed at her services. So, it is with the greatest confidence that I can recommend Barbara. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me through LinkedIn. My advice, get the biggest package you can. You will want it and it will save you money in the long run. You can thank me later. :-)


Rémi Delchambre | Villa langka

I had the opportunity to work and learn from Barbara, she is great at what she is doing , professionnal, passionate, talented and patient. She is always looking to get better and bring/share more knowledge to her clients.


Jeannette Verplancke | Hart voor Woerden

Barbara is a very intelligent business woman. She is excellent with numbers. Her analytic mind helps you bring focus into the work and businesses. If you have any questions regarding your brand, the growth of your business or how to attend new markets, she is your partner. I have had the pleasure working with her in a pressure cooker situation in South Africa and she never ceased to amaze me with her insights and work ethics.

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