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Here is how we can help


- Graphics: a clear and clean approach

- Name and logo: relevant and memorable

- Branding: clarify and simplify your message

- Target market: create and understand your personas

- USP: compelling Unique Selling Proposition

- Mathematical Marketing: our unique analytical marketing model (weighting USP/revenue share)

- TOV: define and use your brand voice

- Website: engage with your customers

- Facebook: setting up Business Manager, running ads through Ads Manager, Split testing, Budget optimization, Creative ads, Scaling, Creating Target audiences, etc
- Instagram: growth, content, hashtags

- Newsletter: appealing content and catchy subject lines

- E-commerce: practical tips to increase sales

- Trade shows: maximise your efforts
- Mystery shopper: enhance customer experience


- Lean business approach: cut costs

- Processes: improve efficiency
- Costing and pricing: how to calculate accurately

- Retail vs Wholesale: the business model

​​- Export: the ins and outs


- Focus: choose the best direction for your goals
- Growth: think outside the box


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